1. Term 1

– To access and use some services at https://deepinofficial.com, you may be required to provide us with personal information, including: Full name, email, contact phone number , address, facebook address.

– We also collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages you view, the number of links you click, other information related to your connection to deepinofficial.com and information that web browsers (browser) used when accessing the deepinofficial.com website, including: IP address, browser type, language used, time and addresses that the browser accesses.

2. Term 2

Deepinofficial.com uses customer’s data to:

– Support customers when buying products

– Answer customer inquiries

– Provide customers with new information on the company’s website, conduct customer surveys, and promote activities related to deepinofficial.com’s products and services if you accept email notifications.

3. Term 3

– Customer’s personal data is stored until the customer requests to cancel. Remaining in all cases personal information of customers will be kept confidential on the server of deepinofficial.com.

4. Term 4

– Personal information of customers on deepinofficial.com is committed to absolute confidentiality by deepinofficial.com according to deepinofficial.com’s personal information protection policy. The collection and processing of information of each customer is only done with the consent of the customer, unless otherwise provided for by law.

– Do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the customer’s personal information without the consent of the customer.

– In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of customer personal data, deepinofficial.com will be responsible for notifying the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. let customers know.